Case 1
Single Tooth Immediate Placement

Patient's History

A healthy 45 year old lady presented with an obliquely fractured and unrestorable 13. She is a non-smoker, with excellent oral hygiene. The surrounding dentition is sound, she has a high smile line, and high aesthetic expectations.

Treatment Options

Options for replacing this missing tooth include a partial denture, a bridge, or an implant supported crown. This patient did not want a removable denture, and did not want the perfectly healthy neighbouring teeth prepared, and so an implant was considered the most appropriate treatment option. Careful discussions highlighted the pros and cons of immediate implant placement following extraction of the 13, and it was made clear that immediate provisional restoration could only proceed if good primary stability of the implant was achieved. The possible need for connective tissue grafting at a later date was also discussed, however unlikely.

Treatment Carried Out

Following a traumatic extraction of the 13, a Replace Select implant was placed and, due to excellent primary stability achieved, an immediate provisional restoration was constructed and delivered.

Time line Implants placed along with provisional crown (three month wait), final impression taken for screw retained crown (two week wait) then case complete.

Patient's Experience

This patient was offered the option of local anaesthetic alone, oral sedation, or Intravenous sedation. As the patient was not anxious at all, profound local anaesthetic alone was used.

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