Case 1
Single Tooth Delayed Placement

Patient's History

Healthy 48 year old female presented with unrestorable 13. She is a non-smoker, with excellent oral hygiene. She was not interested in living with removable dentures.

Treatment Options

Once the unrestorable tooth 13 was removed the choice was to do nothing, provide a denture, a bridge, or an implant supported crown. As the 14 was non-vital, and therefore a poor retained for a bridge, the implant option was most appropriate in this case.

Treatment Carried Out

Once the 13 was replaced with an implant and 3 three months healing had elapsed, a solid abutment was connected and torqued to 35Ncm. An impression was then taken, and a high gold Porcelain fused to metal crown was provided for both the 13 and 14 at the same time.

Time line Implants placed—(wait three months)—Impressions taken for bridgework—(one month)--Complete

Patient's Experience

This patient was offered the option of local anaesthetic alone, oral sedation, or Intravenous sedation. As he was not anxious, minor oral sedation along with profound local anaesthetic was used to provide a completely comfortable state.

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