Sedation Methods

At Dr Hocking’s Dental Surgery we not only strive to provide patients with the best dental care possible, but also to make their experience as comfortable as possible. We understand that patients have varied experiences when it comes to dental procedures and so we aim to make every procedure, from a regular examination to placing an implant, as pleasant an experience as is humanly possible.

For patients who are relaxed about dental treatment, local anaesthesia would suffice when needed.

For patients who are uneasy about dental treatments, we offer two sedation methods to reduce anxiety during your visit.  Please note that these sedation methods are used in conjunction with local anaesthetic (when needed) and they are not an alternative to anaesthetic.

The types of sedation methods we use are:



Halcion is a relaxing tablet we offer to patients who require dental treatments. If you tend to get nervous or are uneasy about dental treatments Halcion may also be seen as an alternative to Intravenous (IV) Sedation.

If you DO decide to take Halcion:
  • Halcion takes at least 30 minutes to take effect and so you will need to come in approximately 30-45 minutes prior to your appointment. Dr. Hocking and our staff however, will notify you on how much earlier you will need to come in as each patient’s situation is different.
  • You must NOT drive once you have taken Halcion as your reaction time will be affected. Prior to your appointment, please organise a lift home or let us know if you require a taxi.
  • If you have any other questions, please ask for a Halcion information booklet or talk to one of our staff members.


Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry uses a modern technique called intravenous sedation (IVS), which takes the uneasiness away from dentistry and makes the treatment a pleasant experience, just like sleeping.

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